Private Watercolor Lessons

Learn the fundamentals of watercolor painting, the basics of color, mixing and technique, and how to create beautiful floral elements with watercolor. Before our session concludes, you will be able to create a floral watercolor wreath or arrangement to take home and showcase your new skills.

Included with your lesson is a Watercolor Basics booklet (written by Amanda,) 2 different sized brushes, a palette with 7 paint colors, a watercolor pencil, and high quality watercolor paper.


Private watercolor lessons are a minimum of 2 hours, at $75 per hour.


Private Calligraphy Lessons

Lessons may focus on any skill, from brush calligraphy to pointed pen, or both. Learn the basic strokes, and fundamentals of calligraphy in a one-on-one setting, with plenty of space for feedback and assistance.

Included with your lesson is a calligraphy workbook (written by Amanda,) a Pentel Sign Brush Pen, paint brush, dip pen, and ink, along with all the paper needed for learning.


Private calligraphy lessons are a minimum of 2 hours, at $75 per hour.