Learn With Our Starter Kits

Learn the basics of Brush Lettering or Floral Watercolor with one of our Starter Kits. All the supplies included in these kits have been carefully selected by Amanda to provide you with the best introduction to brush lettering and watercolor possible. From extremely high quality tools, to step-by-step instructional booklets, you will be on your way to creating beautiful works of art, in no time.

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Floral Watercolor Starter Kit

Learn the fundamentals of watercolor painting with our Watercolor Starter Kit. Often, the most difficult aspect of learning is knowing the right tools to use, and how to apply them properly. With our Starter Kit, you will be provided with all the quality tools needed to get started on your learning journey right away.

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Brush Lettering Starter Kit

Learn the basics of brush lettering with our Brush Lettering Starter Kit. Start by learning basic strokes, build into creating letters, and finish by completing words. By the time you've worked through our booklet, using the quality brush pens provided, you will be fully capable of producing a beautiful brush script.